With a birth name like Arizona Zervas, It isn't hard to see that this young artist is quickly becoming a star.

Arizona Zervas, or as some call him "AZ", Is a 22 year old, East Coast Hip-Hop Artist from the DMV area. Arizona released his first song in 11th grade while attending high school in Maryland. After his first release, Arizona's music quickly spread across the web and within months became a well known name in the underground music scene.

Since then AZ has performed with and has Recieved Recognition From Many Main Stream Artists. Arizona's Internet Breakthrough Was During the halftime of 2016 superbowl When He Released a FReestyle Using Every team in THE NFL. THe ViDEO BECAME A INstant Viral Success And Reached OVer 8 Million Views in a week. 

With no major label, AZ has acquired A die hard, "Cult Like" following, which has pushed his Spotify to Over 6 million Stream. He iS Most Known for His versatile style And Melodic Lyrics And With each new release, Arizona Zervas is quickly showing the woRld why he deserves to be the Next Up.